[chkrootkit: kicking script kiddies' asses since 1997]

locally checks for signs of a rootkit



  • (Portuguese) Métodos para Detecção Local de Rootkits e Módulos de Kernel Maliciosos em Sistemas Unix, Klaus Steding-Jessen e Nelson Murilo, Anais do III Simpósio sobre Segurança em Informática (SSI'2001), (São José dos Campos, SP), pp. 133--139, Outubro de 2001.
    [PDF] [ps.gz] [Abstract]

  • Levine, L., Grizzard, J., and Owen, H, "Application of a Methodology to Characterize Rootkits Retrieved from Honeynets", 5th  IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Information Assurance Workshop, pp. 15-21, West Point, New York, June 2004.

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